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Good Angling Practices

It's important that we, as anglers, employ good angling practices when fishing. There are many organisations who believe that, like fox hunting, fishing for sport is fundamentally cruel and should therefore be banned.

As responsible anglers we treat the trout with care during playing, landing and releasing.

The club actively encourages:

  • Catch and release.
  • The use of barbless hooks.
  • Releasing the fish in the water without netting and using wet hands
  • Ensuring that fish are fully recovered before releasing

Be a responsible angler...

We all have a responsibility to look after the environment so please follow these few basic rules when out on the water:

  • Dispose of all litter properly.
  • Take old fishing line home with you. Never discard it on the river-bank.
  • Respect farm property. Use gates or stiles where possible and don’t walk through fields where crops are growing.
  • Be on the lookout for pollution and report any suspected incident to a member of the committee or to SEPA. (Pollution Hotline 0800 80 70 60)
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